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===The Tennessee Walker===

Tennessee Walker on WikiHorseWorldThe Tennessee Walker, also known as a Tennessee Walking Horse, is a breed of riding horse. The breed was originally bred in the Southern United States to carry the owners of plantations around their property. This type of horse is known for its unique four-beat "running walk" or gait. The breed is rarely seen in any of the sport horse disciplines however they are very popular in trail riding because of their smooth gait, stamina and easy temper. In addition they are also seen in Western riding disciplines and in harness. (more...)

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Show Jumping

Show Jumping, or stadium jumping, is an equestrian event which is also known as "jumpers". It's a member of a family of English riding events that also includes dressage, eventing, hunters and equitation. Jumping classes are commonly seen at horse shows throughout the world, including the Olympics. Sometimes shows are limited exclusively to jumpers, sometimes jumper classes are offered in conjunction with other English-style events, and sometimes show jumping is but one division of very large, all-breed competitions that include a very wide variety of disciplines. Jumping classes may be governed by various national horse show sanctioning organizations, such as the United States Equestrian Federation in the USA. However, international competitions are governed by the rules of the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI).

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