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Baroque horse

File:Diego Velázquez 037.jpg
A historical image of the classic Baroque Horse
A modern Andalusian horse

The Baroque horse is a term used to generally describe the type of agile but strong-bodied descendants of Horses in the Middle Ages such as the destrier. Specific ancestors of this type include the Neapolitan horse, and the Iberian horse of Barb ancestry known in the Middle Ages as the Spanish Jennet. They are characterized by powerful hindquarters, a muscular, arched neck, a straight or slightly convex profile, and usually a full, thick mane and tail. These horses are particularly well-suited for the haute ecole discipline of classical dressage.

The modern breeds included in this category include the Andalusian horse, the Lipizzan, Frederiksborger, Friesian, Ginetta, Kladruber, Knabstrup (non-sport horse type), Manorquin, Murgese, and the Lusitano. Lipizzans are probably the best known of the Baroque type breeds due to their national showcase at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria.

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