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Saddle bronc and bareback horse riding
Bronc Riding

Bavarian Warmblood Horse
Bavarian Warmblood

White Camargue Horse
Camargue Horse

Horse Driving Harnesses
Horse Harnesses

Fell Pony
Fell Pony

White or Albino Horses
White Horses

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The Hanoverian Horse

The Hanoverian is said to have descended from the warhorse of the Middle Ages. In 1735, George II, the King of England and Elector of Hanover, founded the state stud at Celle. He began a breeding program for horses for use in agriculture and work in carriages. Selected stallions, many privately owned, were available to the local farmers for breeding. The bigger of the local mares were refined with Holsteins, Thoroughbreds and Cleveland Bays, and later some Neapolitan, Andalusian, Prussian, and Mecklenburg stock. (more...)


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The Friesian Sporthorse is ideally bred to excel in FEI-recognized sport horse disciplines. The term "Sporthorse" refers to the phenotype, breeding and intended use of the horse. While one Registry does consider the Friesian Sporthorse a breed, most consider it a "type". Others use the term "Friesian Sport Horse" to describe any Friesian crossbred.


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