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Paulette's Skills & Experience

Skills and Experience of the Saddle Pro

Paulette Nuetzel is a Master Saddle Fitter and she's been working with the Stubben Saddlery for the past 18 years. The Stubben Saddlery is one of the oldest, largest, and most well respected saddle manufacturers in the world.  Paulette has worked with the Stubben Saddlery in both the United States and Europe providing clinics, seminars and saddle fittings for Stubben customers worldwide. She holds degrees in merchandising and marketing and has studied saddle fitting in both the United States and Europe.  Paulette has given saddle fitting seminars at various universities, colleges and horse fairs and she's contributed saddle fitting articles for several national horse publications. She was also featured in the book, "Walking with Friends" by Maggie Moore which showcases the beauty and versatility of the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Paulette is also the owner of Mill Stream Farms where she breeds registered Tennessee Walking Horses.  She's proud to own several select members of the breed; some closely related to Merry Go Boy and Midnight Sun, two very distinguished Tennessee Walkers. Representing the State of Minnesota, Paulette has also served as a Director for the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' & Exhibitors' Association for seven years. She also works with Spotted Saddle Horses and is a licensed inspector for the Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association.

Last but not least, Paulette also imports and sells several very upscale lines of tack including Stubben Saddlery from Germany. Her goods are found in the finest tack stores in the upper mid-west and on (link to Paulette's Classified). When Paulette isn't doing clinics, seminars or saddle fittings, she's probably enjoying her best loved equestrian past times which are trail riding and working with the foals and shown below are several photos of Paulette doing just that.


Shown to the left, Paulette

is happily riding one of her gorgeous Tennessee Walker stallions on a trail ride through the woods during a cold Minnesota winter.

Shown to the right, Paulette

is riding one of her favorite

show mares & trail buddies. The horse is a spectacular Tennessee Walker named

Go Boy's Silver Sonnet.


Photograph courtesy of Maggie Moore












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