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Learn from our Pro Horse Trainer (Shannon Anderson) using the below list of previous horse training questions and answers. You'll find detailed answers to many common questions. Questions are organized by subject/topic and beneath each subject are the most recent questions for that topic. Just click on a question to view the member's question, our Trainer's answer and any relevant photos/videos. Click [MORE] to see the full list of questions for that topic and then click [Back to List] to go back to the summary.



  • Rider Training

  • NOONE has been able to help me with this!!!!!
  • Posting trot no stirrups
  • Mounting problems
  • I have a neck injury, how safe is it for me to resume riding?
  • What questions need to answered when looking for a kid/husband broke horse?
  • MORE...

  • Selecting the Right Horse

  • which breed?
  • How old does my child need to be to have her first horse or pony?
  • What size of horse is right for me?
  • How do I find the right horse for me?
  • My 8 year old daughter wants to learn to ride, where do I begin?

  • Selecting a Horse Trainer

  • Who are some good horsemen that I learn from to teach my horse respect?
  • How do you break a pony?
  • How do I find the horse trainer that's right for me?

  • Trailer Your Horse

  • My Horse Is Terrified Of The Trailer - How Can I Teach Her To Load?
  • What can I do if my horse will not stand tied in a trailer by herself?
  • How do I teach my horse to safely back out of a trailer?
  • How do I teach my horse to load into a trailer?

  • Trail Riding

  • How can I ride my horse through a spook?
  • Why might my horse have certain behaviors on the trail, however, not in the arena?
  • How can I prepare my horse for trail riding after a tendon injury?
  • I have lost confidence in myself and my horse, what can I do to rebuild it?
  • How do I teach my horse to back up?
  • MORE...

  • Training Foals (The first Year)

  • 6 day old foal
  • What all can I expect my 4 month old filly to learn?
  • How early can I begin training my foal, and what do you do about a barn-sour horse?
  • What lessons can I teach my foal?
  • What are a few lessons for yearling colts?
  • MORE...

  • Under Saddle 101 (The first 30 days)

  • weight limit for a 750 lb almost 2 1/2 yr. old
  • horse counteracting the "whoa"
  • My horse came home from the trainer, and now she's acting up with me.
  • How do I prepare my horse to begin barrel race training?
  • How can I teach my pony to stand for mounting?
  • MORE...

  • Under Saddle - Advanced

  • Horse wont walk? and Pinning her ears but no physical or known health problems?
  • What could cause my horse to be resistant to cantering under saddle?
  • How can I help my Tennessee Walker to gait?
  • How do I lay the foundation work for successful lead changes?


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