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About Shannon Anderson - WikiHorseWorld's Official Horse Trainer

Dear WikiHorseWorld Members:


Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shannon Anderson and I have loved horses all of my life. I have been riding, training and caring for horses since I was a young child. At a very early age I discovered that I had a passion for horses and a natural talent for training horses and the people who love them.


I've been training horses for more than 20 years and have started and trained many successful horses during my career. I am experienced with both gaited and non-gaited horses including Arabians, Missouri Fox Trotters, Quarter Horses and many others. I have also competed very successfully as an accomplished Show Rider in Multiple Western and English Disciplines.


My Equestrian Horse Training skills include:


  • Ground Work
  • Under Saddle Training
  • Halter Training
  • Shows & Showmanship
  • Show-Hunt & Saddle Seat
  • Western Pleasure Riding
  • English Pleasure Riding
  • Country and Trail Riding
  • Barrel Racing
  • Pole Bending
  • Working with problem horses

I practice natural horse training methods and have studied under Clinton Anderson (Downunder Horsemanship). My preferred training techniques are essentially a combination of the horse training techniques used and taught by Clinton Anderson and John Lyons the famous horse whisperer. I majored in Animal Science at Texas A&M University and minored in Equine Science and Reproduction. My studies also included Advanced Horsemanship Training & Riding, Equine Science, Equine Reproduction Management, Equine Embryo Transfer and Equine Reproductive Ultrasound Technology.


I practice gentle but effective horse training methods which are simple for the horse to understand and easy for horse riders to master. I currently reside Oak Hills, Ca where I continue to breed and train horses to this very day.


After discovering WikiHorseWorld.com, exploring the website and discovering everything this website has to offer, I was very happy when I was asked to become WikiHorseWorld's Official Horse Trainer and gladly accepted. I am passionate about bringing horses and people together for a lasting partnership and I look forward to providing WikiHorseWorld members with the tools they need to ensure many happy and successful days in the saddle!



I'm really looking forward to answering all your questions......Shannon



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WikiHorseWorld's Official Horse Trainer is certified by Pat Parelli Shannon's Certification for

Equine Reproductive Management

Christy Mellington and Pat ParelliShannon's's Certification for

               Equine Embryo Transfer

WikiHorseWorld Trainer showing off some saddle club awardsShannon's's Certification for

Equine Reproductive Ultrasound

WikiHorseWorld Trainer is CHA Certified

                              Shannon Training a Client's

                             Horse named "Patriots Pride"

Christy Standing on a Horse  Awards & Ribbons for Shannon's

Horse named "Tymless VF"


Premier Equine Classifieds


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