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Trainer Q&A - Behavior Problems & Quirks - Aggressive 2 year old filly

Aggressive 2 year old filly

Kaseymoore39 Asks:

I have owned Misty since right before she turned 1 year old. She is now 2 years old. She has always been very aggressive towards me and the farrier. When I first bought her, she did not have any training. I was well aware that she was not handled. I have been working with her with the basic ground manners. She always tries to bite and I correct her by saying "stop" in a firm voice and hitting her on the shoulder. She might stop for that lesson but the next lesson she continues trying to bite again, and I do the same process but hitting her on the shoulder a little firmer. She tried to kick me and the farrier many times. She throws her hind end and her body into me and the farrier. I have been trying to desensitize her. We take one step forward then 10 steps back. One day she can be somewhat fine and then the next day you can't do anything with her. She doesn't like to be groomed anymore. I could brush her mane when I first got her, but not now. I try to keep working with her on the same things and get nowhere. The farrier was unable to trim her feet and I don't want to resort to ACE (sedation) like the farrier suggested. It will not help fix the problem. Since I have had her, I have a feeling that the previous owner might not have treated her right. Do you have any suggestions on how to handle her? Thank you!


Our Trainer Answers:


Because her behavior is aggressive and she has obviously gotten worse, I highly recommend you contact a professional trainer as well as talk to your veterinarian about possible issues.

As for the Ace... It would be safer all around if you did sedate her for trims until you can get help, and to correct something said in your post it can fix the problem. I would not be the first trainer or veterinarian  to suggest a regiment of sedation when dealing with trimming or clipping issues. You can sedate and reduce the sedation over time and trims/clipping sessions with successful results. Please talk to your vet about this to do it safely.


If you need any assistance locating a qualified trainer in your area please feel free to contact me directly.


Happy Trails!