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Trainer Q&A - Other Training Questions - Riding on Concrete.

Riding on Concrete.

Breana Asks:

Hi this is Breana. I own a 16 year old quarter horse. he's 14.3 hands, and I love to ride him. But however when we have to ride to the arena/park, we have to walk on concrete. I'm always wondering, does it hurt the horse to be ridden on concrete? He has shoes and wraps.


Our Trainer Answers:


Impact on hard surfaces can take its toll on joints, tendons, and hooves; shoes & wraps do help protect their legs and hooves. However, for extended hard surface riding, boots would be more advisable. Constant impact can weaken or damage tendons and cartilage in the joints, as well as cause bruising in the hooves. 

When I ride out & cross pavement I keep them at a walk. I do not advise trotting or loping on any slick hard surface, not only are you doing damage to their legs and hooves, but the risk of them slipping is an even greater danger.


As a side note, horses that are used in parades should have special shoes or boots, usually borium dots are added to the shoes to create a kind of cleat to keep them from slipping on the pavement.


Thank you for your question Breana.