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ineed help

Fran Asks:

What should I start with? I just got a rescue horse and he does not have much training or not much... I think he is a ex-race horse. So how do I start him? I would like to do it myself. Or is there books out there I can buy?

thank you,

Our Trainer Answers:

Dear Fran,

My suggestion is you find a local trainer with a solid reputation to work with. Someone with race horse experience would be a plus... Your first training project should really be done with the hands on expertise of a seasoned trainer. We want you and your horse to be safe and have positive experiences...


If in fact he is an ex-race horse there are some things you need to understand for your safety...

1st He will most likely always move "to the rail" when you are riding him. Keep him away from fence lines. This can be very hazardous to your legs if he was taught to run on the rail.

2nd Pulling back on the bit will only make him go faster... You'll need to re-train him or always remember to let go of the bit and stand in the stirrups, to get him to stop.

As for training books/DVDs, I would suggest Clinton Anderson's "Gaining Respect & Control on the ground series 1, 2, and 3". As well as "Ground Manners Short Course". All can be found & ordered on the Downunder Website... https://www.downunderhorsemanship.com

A solid training foundation should always start on the ground...

If you need help finding a qualified trainer in your area please feel free to contact me directly (email or phone call). I am more then happy to help you select the appropriate trainer.

My very best to you!