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Shannon practices natural horsemanship and she's studied equine science at Texas A&M. She's been training horses 20 years and she will be happy to answer your horse training questions Absolutely Free!


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Skills & Experience of WikiHorseWorld's Horse Trainer

Skills and Experience of Shannon Anderson - WikiHorseWorld's Horse Trainer

Shannon Anderson provides private horse training services at her ranch (Blue Mountain Farms) located in Oak Hills, California (Click Here For Map). Shannon has been training horses under saddle for over 20 years and specializes in natural horsemanship techniques which focus on the way horses think and their natural abilities to learn. Shannon describes her horse training technique as a combination of the techniques taught by John Lyons and Clinton Anderson. If you'd like to contact Shannon to discuss private horse training services, you can send email to or call Shannon directly at (760) 605-2635.


Shannon has extensive experience training, breeding and transporting horses and she has owned and/or managed several very successful equine facilities. She has attended Texas A&M University and the University of Minnesota and studied Animal Science, Equine Science and Reproduction and advanced horsemanship training, riding and saddle seat. Shannon has attended several horse training clinics taught by Clinton Anderson (Downunder Horsemanship) and she's received training certificates for her studies in Equine Reproductive Management, Equine Embryo Transfer and Equine Reproductive Ultrasound.


Shown below is brief summary of Shannon's impressive equine career and credentials along with several photos of Shannon training horses and competing in various horse shows and events.


  • • Owner/Trainer at Ashlyn Arabians LLC and Blue Mountain Farms
  • • Owner/Operator at Black Hills Equine Transport
  • • Ranch/Breeding Manager & Head Trainer at Blue Moon Ranch Arabians
  • • Member of United States Equestrian Federation & Arabian Horse Association
  • • 4-H Equine Master
  • • Texas A&M Univ (Animal Science, Equine Science/Reproduction & Advanced Horsemanship)
  • • University of Minnesota (Equine Science/Reproduction & advanced Horsemanship & Saddle Seat)
  • • Training Certificates in Equine Reproductive Management, Embryo Transfer & Ultrasound


WikiHorseWorld's Horse Trainer riding in a Drill Team

Shown to the left is a photo of Shannon

training a horse named "Patriots Pride" at her client's Equine Training Facility located in Mineola, Texas. 

Shown to the right is a photo of Shannon

training a horse named "Rayzaar" at her client's Equine Training Facility located in Mineola, Texas. 



WikiHorseWorld's Horse Trainer riding in a Speed Event
WikiHorseWorld's Horse Trainer riding in a Barrel Race

Shown to the left is a photo of Shannon showing her horse "Tymless VF" at a

horse show in Waco, Texas. Tymless VF won his first blue ribbon at this event.

Shown to the right is a photo of Shannon showing her horse "Tymless VF" at another horse show in San Antonio, Texas in 2008.
WikiHorseWorld's Horse Trainer riding in an Endurance Race
WikiHorseWorld's Horse Trainer riding in a Poll Bending Event Shown to the left is a photo of Shannon with her horse "Tymless VF" preparing for the Junior Western Horse Open in Waco, Texas in the spring of 2007.


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