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A Portion of All Contributions Goes to U.S. Horse Rescue Organizations is a website built by and for horse lovers just like you and as you know, most of our services are free and always will be. We provide horse lovers with free classifieds and horse articles, a free social network and pedigree system and you can even get free advice from our horse pros. However it takes a great deal of time, effort and money to provide these services and therefore, we rely upon contributions from horse lovers like you to keep our website going, growing and free. So if you find value in any of the free equine services we provide, please make a small contribution. It doesn't need to be a lot, just whatever you can afford because every little bit helps!


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  Your contributions will be used to help pay our hosting and programming fees, our horse pros, and at least 10% of all contributions will be donated to U.S. horse rescue organizations. The plight of unwanted horses has become a crisis in the United States but thankfully, there are many excellent horse rescue organizations in the USA (see our directory). However to continue saving horses, they need donations from compassionate horse lovers (like you) and responsible horse websites (like us). We care deeply about assisting horse rescue organizations so please contribute to insure that we remain a free resource for equestrians worldwide and help rescue unwanted horses at the same time.

If you can't afford to contribute money, no problem, we understand! But how about contributing a little time, effort or content on WikiHorseWorld to help us and help horse lovers around the world? You could post a wiki horse article, add some horse classifieds, photos or videos, upload horse pedigree info or even . There's no limit on the number of ways that you can get involved on WikiHorseWorld and meet, educate and amuse our community of horse lovers in the process. So if you love horses as much as we do, get involved, make a difference and let WikiHorseWorld be your home for all things horses!  
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