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Hi lellert: You might want to ask the website's horse trainer your question.  Her name is Christy and she is very hel
26 Days Ago
I have a 4 year old mare. She has been started under saddle. She now bucks whenever you try to get on. She bucked me off and
26 Days Ago
Hi Sarah:   I'm so sorry to hear that your Morgan is having some possible back problems.  Have you spoken to
31 Days Ago
I have a 13 year old Morgan cross gelding, he is about 15hh.  He seems to be suffering from back pain.  When saddling he pins
41 Days Ago
Thank you for your story, it brought tears to my eyes.  I too often forget what wonderful animals i have around me and how lu
48 Days Ago
Hi Stephen: Sorry to hear that your child was injured by this horse. To ask Christy (our horse trainer) your
59 Days Ago
Hey Christy, my name is stephen and i have a 5 yr. old mare that pulls back and breaks her halter when we start to tie her in
61 Days Ago
Thanks Ashley. It is dangerous cause she smashed my son when we loaded her the other day. He'sokay tho, just a few bruises.
61 Days Ago
LOL, Darkstar, when I was growing up in Amarillo TX, my pony ALWAYs seemed to be able to find the burrs. (Even if he spent al
63 Days Ago
Hi Jennie, I'm one of the programmers who work here on the pedigree system. If you have any suggestions on how to make things
63 Days Ago