Sick horse and my Vet can't figure it out!
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I have a 15 year old QH Gelding that has lost about 800lbs. Acts as tho depressed, tongue hangs out, appears as tho he gets lock jaw at times, walks three circles to the left. He almost looks like brain or stroke To me. Will not allow you to touch the left side of his mouth. Walks as tho he is drunk. Was unable at first to focus, I had to guide his head to feed bucket and could only eat Oatmeal/Molassas/Raw Egg.

Tested negative for West nil, Encephalitis and Equine Herpes. Vet have him an IV of Dextros and DMSO.

He is now eating the same mixture but since have added 1 1/2 scoop Sr feed. He is more alert now but still has the same symptoms. My vet is at a loss as to what now to do. I do have video and pics available.

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