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Coughing and stumblingcreated by Klayton 321 days ago · last reply by Klayton 321 days agoMy 19yo grey mare is often coughing when ridden. It is not just at the beginning and probably occurs more when trotting. She ...
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Head Tossingcreated by Racingmaltese 358 days ago · last reply by Racingmaltese 358 days agoHelp please - I just bought a really nice horse - however she tosses her head a lot. Not high enough to hit a rider but tosse...
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Horse shoescreated by pdgold 1135 days ago · last reply by Grace 1106 days agoI need some advice. We have three horses. Their hoofs get trimmed and I have no p...
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What a beautiful horse!created by pdgold 1135 days ago · last reply by pdgold 1135 days ago
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parasitescreated by Shari2 1222 days ago · last reply by Dana 1190 days agohas anyone heard of snow parasites and what is the effect on a horse.??? some people call them snow worms.
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Horse behaviorcreated by SheiLa 1647 days ago · last reply by Coltysheart 1226 days agoWe have a horse that grinds her teeth. What would cause this?
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New First-time Ownercreated by bomengl 1325 days ago · last reply by bomengl 1325 days agoHey all: I'm a new owner of an Arab-TB Cross.  I've been riding for about 35 years and been leasing the last 5.  I dec...
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itchy skincreated by kzklaw1970 1714 days ago · last reply by Lynn_Goin 1480 days agoHi I recently bought a tennessee walker dark bay a few months back and he is having really bad skin  issues this summer under...
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Need Website Ideascreated by Dreamcatcher 1812 days ago · last reply by Donba 1800 days agoHi----I have a horse/stallion marketing promo website. Of course I'm trying to grow my business but at the same time I am see...
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