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Miniature Horses and Shetland Poniescreated by Buckeroo 1066 days ago · last reply by Linda 1061 days agoJust curious if there are many miniature horse or Shetland pony owners on this site.... It seems very nicely done and well or...
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breedingcreated by bluecyclone 1607 days ago · last reply by rockinnrbar 1426 days agoEveryone has there opinion on breeding, but think about this, that grade horse standing in your yard came from so...
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Horse Breedcreated by arabianknight 2406 days ago · last reply by melarabians 1621 days agoHi everyone! I'm new to this whole internet social chatting, so please bear with me. I'm thinking about breeding my A...
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Miniature Horses / Horse Attackcreated by Darkstar 1925 days ago · last reply by draxxon 1919 days agoI would like to share this video of out foal Darkstars Orion Prodigy. The file size is to big for the video section on this ...
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