General Purpose Close Contact English Saddle Pads

Add a little fun to your ride! Novelty English All Purpose Saddle Pads from Equestrian Home Accessories

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Stylish General Purpose Close Contact English Saddle Pads

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General Purpose Close Contact English Saddle Pads

These fun close contact saddle pads are made to last. A heavy weight cotton underside, foam center, quality top materials and heavy black webbing on billet loops, girth straps and binding. The billets have velcro closures.

Close Contact pads are generously cut: 21.5" along the spine, 26" along the middle and 20" down each side of the horse (front) 18.5" down the middle. They fit under standard All Purpose/Close Contact Saddles up to 19". Machine washable in cold water. Hang-dry. Made in the USA.

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