"Sample" Horse is a beautiful Blue - Papered, Sorrel, Missouri Fox Trotter, Broodmare; very affectionate and attentive with her foals; a proven broodmare, producing foals with outstanding confirmation and temperament.



Sample Horse

"Sample" is a beautiful mare and will provide many more years of breeding. 

Many people that are involved with horses, and this goes for hobbyists as well as professionals in the industry, are in it for themselves, not for the love, or the consideration, of the horses. When deciding when to start a young horse in mounted training, people need to be brutally honest with themselves and examine and determine what their motivation for starting a two or three-year-old horse in heavy under-saddle, mounted training is.

For some owners, the motivation is to be competitive in the reining, cutting, western pleasure or pre-green hunterfuturities. Maybe it's because they want to send theirWarmblood stallion to the 100 Day Testing as a three-year-old and the horse must be able to free jump, jump under saddle, perform a dressage test and gallop a distance in a certain amount of time.

And then of course, there is horse racing where the horses are racing heavily as two and three-year-olds. More and more, the big money futurities for performance horses    are for three-year-olds, so in order to be competitive, these horses MUST be started as two-year-olds, and sometimes even when they are long-yearlings (18-24 months old). Because of this, many of these horses end up with bowed tendons, Navicular Syndrome, bone spavins, bone chips, stifle injuries, blown-out hocks, hairline fractures, arthritis, severe back problems, sprained necks and a myriad of other problems and conditions associated with stress and strain to young, developing bodies.  Many horses will end up with debilitating problems at only four or five-years-old and already receiving anti-inflammatory medications and/or painkillers on a daily basis in their feed, or in the form of injections. Some older horses, in their teens, will develop problems that can be traced directly back to being started too young and too hard. It will take 10 or so years for the stresses they experienced when younger to appear as problematic .

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Contact Info

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Sample Town, MA
United States United States


Horse Details

Horse's Name:
"Sample Horse"

Primary Breed: Missouri Fox Trotter
Secondary Breed: Tennessee Walker
Is Horse Gaited? Yes
Foal Date: 05/25/1998
Gender: Mare
Height (in Hands): 15.2
Approximate Weight: 850
Horse Coloring: Sorrel
Other Color or Markings:
Blood Temp: Warm Blood

Willing to provide Vet Heath Certification? Yes

Pricing Info

Price: $4,500.00 USD
Accept Trades? No
Price Flexibility: Firm

Transport, Terms & Instructions:
Buyer will be responsible sale horse transport and cost. Starting three days before any trip, horses should be put on electrolytes. It's best to use a powder intended for water. This allows the horse to get used to a new flavor of water than the one they were used to at home.

Registration Info

Assoc: Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Assoc
Status: Registered
Number: 96-22222

Assoc: Tenn. Walking Horse B/E Assoc
Status: Applied For
Number: 4565

Assoc: International Champagne Horse Registry
Status: Applied For
Number: 46546

Skills & Achievements

Skill / Discipline Experience
Broodmare: 5+ Years
Gaited: Not Applicable
Champion Pedigree: Not Applicable
4-H: Prospect
Western Pleasure: Prospect
Two In One Package: Not Applicable

Awards Won:
Sample Award #1
Sample Award #2
Sample Award #3
Sample Award #4
Sample Award #5
Sample Award #6
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