Beautiful Blue Valentine filly

Beautiful willing, smart filly.

Granddaughter grooming Zena


Stepping over a log.

Contact Info

Business: Pink Feather Performance Horses
Contact: Jamie or Schelly
Address: 3065 State Hwy 161
Bird City, KS 67731
United States United States
Phone: 308-350-0797
Fax/Other: 308-883-1877

Horse Details


Primary Breed: Quarter Horse
Is Horse Gaited? No
Foal Date: May 2011
Gender: Filly
Height (in Hands): 14
Approx. Weight: 800 lbs (363 kg)
Horse Color: Red Dun
Other Color or Markings:
Star and strip, one white foot.

Very Calm
Very Spirited

Pricing & Terms

Price: $500.00 USD
Accept Trades? Yes
Price Flexibility: Negotiable

Skills & Achievements

Skill / Discipline Experience
4-H Prospect
All-Around Prospect
English Pleasure Prospect
Racing Prospect
Western Pleasure Prospect
Cutting Prospect

Beautiful Blue Valentine filly

Zena or "Z" as we call her was purchased a a yearling. She should be papered but the breeder did not do the paperwork. Her sire is double bred Blue Valentine. She is a typical big hipped quarter horse. She is a thinker, she has never spooked while handling her, she looks new things over and thinks instead of just using her flight instinct. My granddaughters handle her all the time, leading and grooming her. Since we purchased her, she has had regular hoof care, and worming. She gets along pretty well with other horses, pretty well in the middle of any pecking order, but I have never seen her go after the lower pecking order horses. She is the in your pocket kind of horse that seems to like to please you. Since her purchase she has been my favorite of the group, I like to watch her figure things out. I like to watch her move and I like handling her. She is going to the trainer in September and her price will reflect his work. Please give us a call at Jamie at 3083500797 or Schelly at 3088831877

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