Beautiful 3-Day Eventer or Pleasure Horse

Casey is a registered Arabian-Hanoverian who is well trained in Dressage, show jumping, and english or western pleasure. He is a loving horse with a willingness to please, and will never let you down. Has wonderful endurance and all-around experience.

Beautiful 3-Day Eventer or Pleasure Horse

Casey, registered as Lukazna in the Canadian Partbred Arabian Registry is a 9 year old Arabian-Hanoverian Gelding. He is a very elegant horse with a brisk walk, smooth extended trot, and effortless canter and gallop. He is a very smart, well trained horse with the potential of an excellent 3-day eventer, with his vast amount of endurance, love for jumping, flexibility, and of course his willingness to please. His endurance is unsurpassed and he will go on for you forever, as a friend of mine said after he rode him: ”If I ever want to go anywhere far and get there fast, this horse is the way to go!” He is well trained in dressage, jumping, and trail riding. He has competed in one horse show before and won second place in dressage. Being half-Arabian, Casey can be high strung, however, constant work and time spent with him greatly improves his temperament and he is a pleasure to work with. I bought him two years ago, and he had only 30 days training on him then, but has been through extensive training and lessons since then. We’ve had him successfully performing level 2 dressage techniques and jumping 2’ fences. He responds to even the most subtle hand signals, collects beautifully, and moves off leg commands very well. Most importantly, this horse is always trying hard to please, and loves attention. He has great manners when it comes to typical every day chores with him, including grooming, washing, saddling, trimming hooves, leading, and lunging. He has strong hooves, and they have been trimmed regularly. He was shod in the summer of ’09, when he was taken to the mountains on a horseback trip (his first one in the mountains), and did great, going confidently up steep slopes, through mud holes, and across rivers, never tiring. He’s also been on 2 or 3 other trail rides, where he was around traffic, wildlife, numerous other horses and loud wagons, and was unfazed. He has a lump/mass slightly smaller than the size of a golf ball on his chest that was previously examined by a vet and described as a fibrous cyst, which is not harmful. Also on his chest is also a lighter coloured patch of coat where he was impaled when he was younger with no serious injury.


Because of his high energy levels, I would only recommend Casey for a confident intermediate rider or higher. I unfortunately have to sell him because I have started going to school last year and, although he is still ridden and worked with occasionally, he is not getting the attention that he not only deserves, but requires to be the magnificent horse he can be. This horse has made me proud and amazed so many times, and I know he will for you too.


If interested, I am also willing to sell his Stubben English saddle (with saddle pad and cover), bridle and cooler as well. All are still in excellent condition and have only ever been used on Casey. I will sell all three for $600, or will sell with individual prices.


To contact me, send me an email at, or at (780) 887-2272, although cell reception for me isn’t good, so emails are a better bet. I can send more pictures, a video of his dressage competition, and answers to any other questions you might have.




Panther River Crossing

Smooth Extended Trot

Contact Info

Contact Name: Alison Grover
Address: P.O. Box 702
Lac La Biche, AB T0A 2C0
Canada Canada
Phone: (780) 887-2272
Email Address:


Horse Details

Horse's Name:

Primary Breed: Arabian
Secondary Breed: Hanoverian
Is Horse Gaited? No
Foal Date: June 2nd, 2002
Gender: Gelding
Height (in Hands): 14.3
Approximate Weight: 850
Horse Coloring: Black
Other Color or Markings:
Star and 2 hind socks
Blood Temp: Hot Blood

Very Calm
Very Spirited

Pricing Info

Price: 6,250.00 CAD
Accept Trades? No

Registration Info

This is a Pedigreed Horse
Assoc: Canadian Arabian Horse Registry

Skills & Achievements

Skill / Discipline Experience
Dressage 3 Years
Eventing Prospect
Jumping 1 Year
Endurance Riding Prospect
English Pleasure Well Trained
Trail Riding Well Trained

Awards Won:
Second Place Training Level Dressage
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