Mangalarga Marchador Stallion - For Stud

Are your Marchadors too diagnoal or too lateral? Put some "gait" back into your babies with this beautiful centro gaited Mangalarga Marchador stallion.

Mangalarga Marchador Stallion

Mangalarga Marchador Clinic

Mangalarga Marchador Clinic

Contact Info

Company Name: Marchadors InMotion
Contact Name: Brooke Little
Address: Ocala, FL 34482
United States United States
Phone: 352-895-3331
Email Address:


Horse Details

"Cheveyo do MManor"

Primary Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Is Horse Gaited? Yes
Foal Date: March 20th, 2009
Gender: Stallion
Height (in Hands): 14.3
Horse Coloring: Bay
Blood Temp: Warm Blood

Very Calm
Very Spirited
Willing to provide Vet Heath Certification? Conditionally

Pricing & Terms

Price: $1,500.00 USD
Accept Trades? No
Price Flexibility: Firm

Transport, Terms & Instructions:
Live cover. Fresh cooled semen. Live Foal.

Registration Info

This is a Pedigreed Horse
Assoc: US Mangalarga Marchador Association
Status: Registered
Number: 00000185 (DNA)

Skills & Achievements

Skill / Discipline Experience
Endurance Riding
Husband Safe

Awards Won:
6 ELITE stallions in his pedigree
Bloodlines - Herdade & Tabatinga

Mangalarga Marchador Stallion - For Stud

The Mangalarga Marchador is a naturally gaited horse.  Cheveyo do MManor is a young, centro gaited stallion.  Often, we find when breeding gaited horses that if we breed diagonal movement to diagonal (or lateral movement to lateral) that, over time, the offspring will become either too diagonal (or too lateral).  By doing this, we can breed the "gait" out of the horse and end up with a pure trot or pace. Try breeding to a centro gaited stallion, you can keep the movement (batida or picada) that you prefer and draw in the diagonal or lateral movement so that you don't end up with a gait that looks too much like a trot or pace. Cheveyo is a perfect gentlemen with a kind heart and respectful mannerisms. He is incredibly intelligent and versatile.  Contact us for stud fees.   

Pedigree ChartView Interactive Pedigree Chart

Cheveyo do MManor
00000185 (2009) [M]
Name: Cheveyo do MManor
Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Assoc: US Mangalarga Marchador Association
Born: March 20th, 2009
Color: Bay
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