Blue Valentine bred colt

35.5% Blue Valentine. Blue Valentine bred horses are known for their people friendly personalities and natural cow instinct. This colt is a pleasure to be around and athletic.

Blue Valentine bred colt

Affectionately known as Eeyore, this colt has very prominent leg barring and dorsal stripe along with other dun factor characteristics.  At 35.5% Blue Valentine, Eeyore's extended pedigree is loaded with well know Joe Hancock decedents such as: Leo Hancock Hayes, Plenty Try, Gooseberry, Plenty Coup, Blues Kingfisher, Hydel Girl, Miss Hydy Girl.  The sire is a big stout stallion that stands around 16H and dam is 15H, so he should mature to be a nice size riding horse.  With all the working ranch horses in his pedigree, he will make a good prospect for roping or any type cow work or a great trail horse.


Contact Info

Company Name: 6 Shoe Quarter Horses
Address: Pheba, MS 39755
United States United States


Horse Details

Horse's Name:

Primary Breed: Quarter Horse
Is Horse Gaited? No
Foal Date: 2011
Gender: Colt
Horse Coloring: Dun

Very Calm
Very Spirited

Pricing Info

Price: $1,000.00 USD
Accept Trades? No

Registration Info

This is a Pedigreed Horse
Assoc: American Quarter Horse Association

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