Sweet TB perfect for beginners

Beautiful chestnut TB. Sound, smooth and easy to handle. Been there, done that 18 year old, 15.1, 100% sound. Bathes, loads, stands for farrier, no vices. Ridden only in hackamore western and English.

Sweet TB perfect for beginners

Red is a very sweet, older mare. She's been there and done that and is very calm for a thoroughbred. She's short enough to be ridden comfortably by children but big enough for an adult though I wouldn't recommend a heavy person to ride her.

Red can ride Western, English and bareback. She can neck rein (depending on her mood) and will yield to leg pressure if you know what you're doing. She won't yield for beginners but when I ride her, she does with some encouragement. She lunges and we are currently working on teaching her a few tricks. (smiling, yes and no)

She's got solid feet and is up to date on her coggins. She stands for mounting, bathes easy, stands for the farrier, practically loads herself and is the perfect pasture mate. She is best when NOT tied. I don't like to tie her because she looks around a lot and scares herself if she jerks her head to look at something and gets yanked on. I usually just let her stand and she'll hang out to be groomed and saddled. She CAN be tied, you just have to keep an eye on her. Red never fights though she does like to be boss, the most she'll do is put her ears back and if she doesn't win, she gives up quickly and that's that.

Red is very easy to ride though we never use a bit on her because her mouth is /very/ sensitive. I've ridden her in a bit and she doesn't like it at all. She's best when ridden in a halter with clip-able reins. Red has a beautiful, long trot and she has a slight arch to her neck when she does it, even beginners can sit her smooth little shuffle. She is /not/ a fast horse though she will canter, she prefers to trot and walk and look around. She's very forward moving and you DO NOT need to kick her. Just a click and she's ready to go.

The good thing about Red is you can put her out to pasture for a few weeks, come out and get her and jump on her and she's the same exact horse that she was when you turned her out. She doesn't get sour and she loves to be ridden. Most days we sit on the porch and just let her hang out with us because she's so personable. She'll approach in the pasture and come when she's called.

Red doesn't care about 4 wheelers, tractors, fire, water, dogs, cats, llamas, cows, stallions or tarps though she doesn't like loud noises behind her and is wary when she is leading. She's best in the middle of the pack though I have lead on her before. You just have to let her look around, once she knows it's not going to eat her she's fine. The worst she will do is tuck her butt and scoot forward until she can see what's scarring her.

Red does like to talk to other horses. If she sees a new horse she gets a little excited and neighs but if you keep your cool, she'll keep hers. I've never had a time when I was not in control of her, even when bareback in a halter with one lead on her. Red, from what I've seen, usually develops a bond with just one horse and will occasionally call to that horse but she will not run off on you to get to it.

For the reason, I say she is NOT a good horse for someone who is afraid of horses. Red has /never/ offered to do anything that would keep me from putting a toddler on her back WITH an adult there but a small child riding her by themselves would make me worried since she can be intimidating when she's constantly looking around. I've had children scared by her looking around to much and that makes her nervous. She would be a good horse to pony children on or for a child who is confident and knows how to ride. My step dad is a full blown beginner, never rode a horse before in his life and he can ride her all over the place! I trust her enough to put any one of my newbie friends on her and know they'll be in good hands.

If you have any questions, please give me a call. It's most important that Red goes to a good home that will stay in contact with us so we can check up on her. She's very important to a lot of people! For pictures or more information or if you'd like to come have a look at her, call, text or email me.

Red from the right

From behind

From the left

In the pasture

Contact Info

Contact Name: Jennnifer
Address: Blaine, TN 37709
United States United States
Phone: 865-438-8633
Email Address: save_bigcats@yahoo.com


Horse Details

Horse's Name:
"Run the red"

Primary Breed: Thoroughbred
Is Horse Gaited? No
Foal Date: 1993
Gender: Mare
Height (in Hands): 15.1
Approximate Weight: 950
Horse Coloring: Chestnut
Other Color or Markings:
white sock and blaze
Blood Temp: Hot Blood

Very Calm
Very Spirited
Willing to provide Vet Heath Certification? Yes

Pricing Info

Price: $900.00 USD
Accept Trades? No
Price Flexibility: Negotiable

Transport, Terms & Instructions:
If close, may be able to ship for fee.

Registration Info

This is a Pedigreed Horse
Assoc: Jockey Club
Status: Registered

Skills & Achievements

Skill / Discipline Experience
English Pleasure Prospect
Husband Safe Well Trained
Kid/Family Safe Well Trained
Western Pleasure Prospect
Lesson Horse Prospect
Trail Riding Well Trained
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