A.Q.H.A. Palomino Mare, Kid/Husband Horse Negotiab

Rica is a wonderful mare, we are only moving her on as our girls have moved on to other things. Please contact me for more detailed information, Pictures will be available as soon as weather allows me to get good ones. Check out www.rrrcrittery.webs.com

A.Q.H.A. Palomino Mare, Kid/Husband Horse Negotiab

Rica is a wonderful mare, only moving her as our kids have moved on. Though 20 this year don't let her fool you. We outwintered, and she did great. She should not be bred as she has had multiple foals with wobblers syndrome. She can get a little heavy if fed dusty hay or stalled in a dusty barn for long periods of time, though if out in the open, I have had no trouble with her. I do feed her senior feed though she would be fine without it if given sufficient pasture and hay. I have no grass, and feed grain to everyone to help offset the use of hay. Rica has been used for handicap riders and 4H in the past. She can be a little stubborn going out by herself, but you tell her she is going and she'll go. She had her teeth floated in the fall of 2010, the vet said they probably didn't really need it yet, but I didn't want to have another farm call so we did everything at once. She had her hooves trimmed in February, I leave her barefoot and she does fine. We ride on the roads as well as in the woods and she never bothers. She has strong solid feet. Absolutely NO arthritis in this one. She was dewormed May 2nd as well as fed Strongid daily in order to help reduce the risk of picking up anything. She uses just a simple O-ring snaffle, though most of the time, we just use a halter and lead rope. The only time I use a bit, is if we are going out by herself. She is a character, I have seen her fake heaves to try to getout of riding, as well as fake a sore foot, we ignored her as she was fine when we got her out of the field, got a little ways down the road and surprise! She was fine. She would prefer to take her time, usually the last horse in the line. But will get in front and lead if asked to. She has a wonderful jog and a really comfortable lope. It may take some encouraging to get her to move but she will do it.

Contact Info

Company Name: RRR Crittery
Contact Name: Ruth
Address: Deford, MI 48729
United States United States
Phone: 989 325 1499
Email Address: rrrcrittery@yahoo.com


Horse Details

Horse's Name:
"Americas Golden Girl *Rica*"

Primary Breed: Quarter Horse
Is Horse Gaited? No
Foal Date: July 2nd, 1991
Gender: Mare
Height (in Hands): 15
Approximate Weight: 1150
Horse Coloring: Palomino
Other Color or Markings:
Star, Strip, Snip, Lft hnd stocking, Right hind half pastern
Blood Temp: Cold Blood

Very Calm
Very Spirited

Pricing Info

Price: $900.00 USD
Accept Trades? Yes
Price Flexibility: Negotiable

Registration Info

This is a Pedigreed Horse
Assoc: American Quarter Horse Association
Number: 3059529

Skills & Achievements

Skill / Discipline Experience
All-Around Well Trained
Halter Well Trained
Husband Safe Well Trained
Kid/Family Safe Well Trained
Western Pleasure Well Trained
Western Riding Well Trained
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