Black premium filly with 3 times elitemare

Very beautiful black premium filly from Ron Rubin/Jazzman(Waldhexedamline)with Grand Prix dam in pedigree.Eyecatcher from Ron Rubin out of a premium/Elitemare from Jazzman with one of the best damlines from Oldenburg.

Black premium filly with three elitemares in the pedigree

Contact Info

Company Name: quadriga Pferdehaltung
Contact Name: Hartmann
Address: An den Ziegeleien 10
Radeburg/Germany, 13 01471
Germany Germany
Phone: 00491729108811
Email Address:


Horse Details


Primary Breed: Oldenburg (Oldenburgh)
Is Horse Gaited? No
Foal Date: March 20th, 2012
Gender: Filly
Height (in Hands): 12.2
Horse Coloring: Black
Blood Temp: Warm Blood

Very Calm
Very Spirited
Willing to provide Vet Heath Certification? Conditionally

Pricing & Terms

Price: $29,800.00 USD
Accept Trades? No
Price Flexibility: Negotiable

Registration Info

This is a Pedigreed Horse
Assoc: Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society

Skills & Achievements

Skill / Discipline Experience

Awards Won:
premium foal

Black premium filly with 3 times elitemare

Very beautiful black premium filly from Ron Rubin/Jazzman/Campari (Waldhexedamline) with 3 times elitemare and Grand Prix dama in pedigree

Eyecatcher from Ron Rubin out of a premium/Elitemare from Jazzman with one of the best damlines from Oldenburg.
The filly is very elegant, with long legs and a very good character.
The fullbrother last year was premiered by the foal show. And this filly is also premium filly. Filly that certain finds the way in the big dressage arena or as a good brood mare.
Mother, grandmother und urgrandmother are elitemares.Grandmother "Cosmopolitan" was winnerin in Rasteede by the 4- years old ridding horses in Oldenburg and in the final from the german horse champion ship. Sisters to her and his mother all premium and elitemares and breeding stallions also until Grand prix winning sport horses. (sister to the mother is to find by under the keyword "Diamantina" and is Grand Prix winnerin with Maree Thomkinson) Also out of the great- grandmother 5 liecensed stallions and many S dressage horses. All foals out of this damline are premium foals. Damline, which stands for sucsess.
Colt for highest claims.
Other horeses by breeder on request. Quadriga Pferdehaltung

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