Arabian Mare needs new home

My mare came to me by way of a friend who was looking to place her in a safe and loving home. We have had her for 4 yrs now. I now need to find her a new home. Due to health reasons I am no longer able to give her the care and time I feel is neccesary.

My horses on a frosty day...Paisley and her pasture mates

Paisley and her buddy 'Adar'

Contact Info

Contact Name: Rainkatt
Address: Port Angeles, WA 98363
United States United States
Email Address:


Horse Details


Primary Breed: Arabian
Secondary Breed: Arabian, Egyptian
Is Horse Gaited? No
Gender: Bred Mare
Height (in Hands): 14.2
Approximate Weight: 850
Horse Coloring: Chestnut
Other Color or Markings:
white snip on nose
Blood Temp: Warm Blood

Very Calm
Very Spirited
Willing to provide Vet Heath Certification? Conditionally

Pricing & Terms

Accept Trades? Yes

Transport, Terms & Instructions:
Will only sell to buyer within the upper Olympic Peninsula. Other terms negotiable.
Buyer will transport.

Skills & Achievements

Skill / Discipline Experience
Western Pleasure Well Trained

Arabian Mare needs new home

Paisley is very sweet, but not a cuddler. She is a bit head shy (I believe someone in her past has twisted her ears) but takes a bit in her mouth and stands still for bridleing and saddleing.

My husband and I do not ride so I can't tell you much about her as a saddle horse. I have had friends on her tell me she is responsive to whatever they ask her to do.

She is spirited as all Arabians are but seems to be a good prospect for an experienced rider who is willing to take the time to get to know her and she you.

Not sure on her age, could be 14-15. Very little info was given me as she came through a friend who got her from someone else.


She has been with a younger gelded stud (also avail) for several years and has bonded with him. He gets very agitated when seperated from her, but she doesn't mind being seperated from him.

She picks her feet up fine, shows no aggression like kicking or biting people, but does show some food aggression with other horses. In other words, she's the boss!


Paisley doesn't like dogs really well, but tolorates them as long as they don't run around her feet or chase her.

She likes being brushed, but doesn't like her ears touched (ear twisting?) I think with time and patience she will be better about her head messed with.

She has been barefooted since I've had her, I don't know anything about her former life, only that someone saw her rear up in her stall. I've never seen her act up at all.


Other than that I have no info on her nor do I know if she was ever registered. I imagine she was as she was a broodmare for an Arabian breeding ranch in Enumclaw, WA at one time, and foaled twice.


She loves treats, especially pears!


I have a new saddle I bought for her, I have never used it. I paid over 500 and will let it as well as a bridle and snaffle bit go for 400.00.


email me if you are interested is seeing her of if you have any other questions.

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