Amazing Arabian/ Paint

you got to meet him her great

Contact Info

Contact: Gary
Address: Lunenburg, ON K0C 1R0
Canada Canada
Phone: 613-346-7168

Horse Details


Primary Breed: Arabian Cross
Secondary Breed: Paint (Solid)
Is Horse Gaited? No
Foal Date: 2008
Gender: Gelding
Height (in Hands): 14.2
Approx. Weight: 900 lbs (408 kg)
Rider Suitability: Experienced
Horse Color: Liver Chestnut
Other Color or Markings:
Blood Temp: Warm Blood

Very Calm
Very Spirited

Pricing & Terms

Price: C$1,200.00 CAD
Accept Trades? Yes
Price Flexibility: Negotiable

Skills & Achievements

Skill / Discipline Experience
Ridden English 3 Years
Ridden Western 3 Years
Jumping Prospect
Barrel Racing Prospect
Trail Riding 3 Years

Amazing Arabian/ Paint

Einstein is 6 years old and he is a liver/ chestnut brindle Arabian/ paint mix, he stands at 14'2 hands (large pony), and he is gelded. Einstein is up to date with his worming but does need his shots done besides that he is fine. Einstein stands very well while getting his feet done, he has been on cross ties and is fine with it, and is really easy to tack. He adores attention and loving so grooming and treats, he is not dirty when it comes to ground work, and he lunges nicely. He has 3 years of riding by a experience rider for jumping and western riding, he has been on trail rides but he's a bit spooky on roads. Now for the reason why I'm selling him... well Einstein isn't the greatest in herds mostly with foals, he is trying to take top rank for some odd reason but isn't and he gets mad so he takes it out on the lower ranks. He is fine with 2 or 3 horses so he cant go to a big home unless he is separated but remains with 2 or 3 horses because he is a bit herd bond. and also i will be out growing him soon so when it comes to selling its going to be harder than compared to now. It is killing me to sell him but i have no choice i love him to death so my standards are going to be set pretty high when i sell. Einstein is so fun to ride you'll get lost into it, he loves jumping but does tend to get very forwards, he has jumped 4' feet with no refusal. Einstein is extremely smart so it is easy to teach him new things plus he loves learning new things, but of course he does have some issues like every other horse. Einstein is not easy to get along with at the beginning but when it comes time he will become your best friend, partner, and true love. He will require a experienced rider or sent away for training, all he thinks about is go go go! so unless you don't want to go than he's not your kind of horse. i would love to see Einstein go to a riding school for gaming or jumping he is not a horse to just sit around and waste his talents. Even if he doesn't go to a school I'd like to know he will be used for what ever talents he has. Einstein means everything to me so i will not sell for any less, he will not be sold to a back yard rider or anything like that. I need to know Einstein will be going to a good home, I'm aware my bar might be set pretty high but to me he's worth millions and more. If you are interested in him than feel free to Email me or call us if you have any questions to ask well ask away
thank you for your time and i will get back to you soon as possible :D

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