Beautiful 89% Foundation QH Stud, Bay Rabicano

For Sale or Trade for Reg. Broke Horse. Chex is Triple registered with AQHA, NFQHA and FQHA. I also have him listed with APHA and QTR pony papers are pending.

Beautiful 89% Foundation QH Stud, Bay Rabicano

Triple registered with AQHA, NFQHA and FQHA. He is a Dark Bay Rabicano, 14.2H and would be perfect for breeding Quarter Ponies. I also have him listed with APHA for breeding and QTR pony papers are pending.


We have pasture bred and hand-bred and he is very smart about making sure they are ready. If a mare is not ready to breed then he leaves her alone. He is careful and respectful with the mare.


He has a pretty, slightly dished head with little ears, nice jaw and a kind eye. He has a calm disposition in the pasture and is in electric fence. He is an easy keeper, easy to get along with in the pasture and very quiet there-you can catch him out in the pasture easily. Trailers, loads, bathes, ties and leads and he is OK with Farrier. 


He throws excellent athletic looking colts with great conformation and passes on his Rabicano (Rabicano, also called white ticking/roaning, is a horse coat color characterized by limited roaning in a specific pattern: interspersed white hairs most dense and originating from the flank and the tail head) the one pix is of his 2010 foal at about 9 months old and shows the Rabicano gene coming out!



Chex was kicked in the knees by another horse as a yearling which has left him not sound to ride, BUT IT DOES NOT affect breeding the mares at all, he bred my 15.3 paint mare with ease! His front leg grew a bit bowed forward from the injury but he has no limp and can run and spin on a dime! He is not broke, and sells sound to breed only. He has 2 mares due this year yet and one on the ground from last year that is almost as tall as him and also a Dark Bay Rabicano.

He was shown in Hand Trail as a yearling and has many point earners in his pedigree! Come see him, at this price he won't be around for long, similar bred stallions are selling for $5000 and up on the NFQH website. Up to date on shots, worming, feet trimming and teeth were floated. He is fairly calm but does need an experience handler as he has just been a stud in the pasture for the last few years so ground manners need to be improved upon. No bite or kick in him though. Just had him tested for Agouti gene and Red/Black gene and will update when I get the results.





He would make a great addition to anyone's Foundation breeding program.

I have a beautiful head!

And my backside isn't to bad!

My 9 month old colt from 2010

Im such a pretty boy! Wild thick mane and tail!

Look at my foundation jaw!

Contact Info

Contact Name: Tammy
Address: Marshallville, OH 44645
United States United States
Email Address:


Horse Details

Horse's Name:
"Chex My Torch"

Primary Breed: Foundation Quarter Horse
Is Horse Gaited? No
Foal Date: May 30th, 1999
Gender: Stallion
Height (in Hands): 14.2
Approximate Weight: 950
Horse Coloring: Rabicano
Other Color or Markings:
Bay, Star, Strip, Snip, L Hind White pastern

Very Calm
Very Spirited
Willing to provide Vet Heath Certification? Conditionally

Pricing Info

Price: $1,500.00 USD
Accept Trades? Yes
Price Flexibility: Negotiable

Transport, Terms & Instructions:
Cash only, must find a way to pick him up, I can't deliver him. He goes well into any type of trailer.

Registration Info

This is a Pedigreed Horse
Assoc: American Quarter Horse Association
Status: Registered
Number: 3823734

Assoc: Foundation Quarter Horse Association

Assoc: American Quarter Pony Association
Number: Pending

Skills & Achievements

Skill / Discipline Experience
Foundation Bred Not Applicable
All-Around Prospect
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