SAMPLE EVENT AD for Largest Horse Sale in Texas

This will be the most spectacular Horse Sale Event in 2009. Horses from all over the United States will be "Featured". Find exactly what you are you are looking for in your next horse at this very special "Horse Sale Event"!






You will find Palomino Fox Trotters and Fox Trotter Horses of all colors.


The Missouri Fox Trotting Horse was developed in the rugged Ozark hills during the 19th century by settlers who needed easy riding, durable mounts that could travel long distances at a sure-footed, ground consuming gait.

Missouri achieved statehood in 1821 and the pioneers who poured across the Mississippi River and settled in the Ozarks came largely from Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia. Naturally they brought along saddle horses popular in those areas. It soon became apparent that horse able to perform the easy, broken gait called the Fox Trot were the most useful in the rocky, forest covered hills of the Ozarks and selective breeding for the Fox Trot gait began.







You will find Tennessee Walking Horses of All Colors and Experience



The Tennessee Walking Horse is a distinct breed that does not trot, but has a gait called a "running walk". This gait provides the rider with a smooth comfortable ride, no bounce for the rider. To ride a Tennessee Walking Horse, the rider just has to sit quiet in the saddle. No posting is necessary.
Besides their smooth gaits, the Tennessee Walking Horse is known world wide for their great dispositions, gentle manners, and good looks.

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Dunnegan, MO
United States United States


Event Details

Event Name:
"SAMPLE Horse For Sale Extraviganza"

Event Category: Fairs & Parades
Event Start Date: 2009-06-18
Event End Date: 2009-06-23
Event Start Time: 9:00 AM
Event Start Time: 9:00 PM
Is event for Charity? No

Driving Instructions
For those of you who are local to Sample Town, Texas; Follow the gravel road off of "U" Highway about a mile. Turn right on Cherry Road. Continue on Cherry Rd. approximately 2 miles until you get to Apple Street. Make a left at Apple St. and follow it for 3 miles to Orange Blvd. Make a left at Orange Blvd and go three blocks to Peach Street. Make a right at Peach Street and continue about 1 mile to 1st Sample Street. Make a left on 1st Sample Street and continue about 1/2 mile. Look or the sign "Sample Horse Extravaganza" on your right. You can't miss it!

Pricing Info

Early Ticket Purchase for Children under 12: $7.00 USD
Early Ticket Purchase for Children 12 to 18: $20.00 USD
Early Ticket Purchase for Asults 18 and over: $30.00 USD
At the Gate Ticket Purchase for Children under 12: $40.00 USD
At the Gate Ticket Purchase for Children12 to 18: $50.00 USD
At the Gate Ticket Purchase for Adults 18 and over: $600.00 USD
Speical Senior Rates: $7,000.00 USD
Groups (party of 10 or more) Price each: $8,000.00 USD

Admission Pricing / Fee Details
50% of the Admission Proceeds for this Event will be donated to the "Sample Charity". Sample Charity provides rescue services and shelter for abused and unwanted horses. So, help a great cause, find the horse of your dreams, enjoy the shows, seminars, sales events, and great food. Come and have a great time!
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