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A horse training and rider lessons clinic for all dsiciplines and all breeds of horses using classical training dressage training.

Contact Info

Contact Name: Lucy Maurer
Address: Southeast and Central Virginia
Gloucester, VA 23061
United States United States
Phone: 804-694-3147
Fax/Other: 757-509-2284
Email Address:


Event Details

Harry Faibish, Healing Horses the Classical Way: Training and Lessons Clinic

Event Category: Training Events
Event Sub-Category: Clinics
Event Start Date: April 1st, 2013
Event End Date: April 18th, 2013
Event Start Time: 9:00 a.m,
Event Start Time: 5:00 p.m.
Is event for Charity? No

Driving or Other Instructions

Harry will travel to various locations in Southeast and Central VA. Venues to be announced.

Pricing & Terms

Event Price Description Event Price
Adults 1st lesson: $100.00 USD
Adults 2nd and subsequent lessons: $85.00 USD
Children all lessons: $70.00 USD

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Harry Chaim Faibish learned the art of playing with horses from the masters; Egon Von Neindorff, Nuno Oliveira, and Hans Reigler along with other very talented and qualified horsemen. Harry trains in the classical style which benefits all breeds of horses and horses working in any discipline. Harry teaches the horse how to use its body correctly so that the horse will be comfortable and happy in his work. He teaches the rider how to play with and ride her individual horse so that the horse will be athletic to the best of its ability and use its body in a supple and comfortable manner which adds up to a happy and productive partnership between horse and rider.

Harry's specialty is working with horses that have been incorrectly trained, have lameness issues, are recovering from an injury, or have conformation problems. This is a clinic to attend if you are interested in learning how classical dressage training can benefit any horse, are starting a youngster at least 3 years old, are looking for kinder but effective training, or just want a more supple horse. This is a great clinic for anyone working with a rescue horse that needs help.

Harry also enjoys teaching riding to students of all ages and abilities from beginning to advanced.

To learn more about Harry and his horses see the book, "Healing Horses the Classical Way" or visit his website

For more information or to ask a question please see contact information for Lucy Maurer

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