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Horses don't fit in classified ads quite like anything else. After all, your horse has a story, and you need a good way to tell it. With a WikiHorseWorld classified, you can post tons of pictures, text and details about your horse.
  • Include rich media like photo slideshows & YouTube videos
  • Ads are easy to create, and can be fully customized
  • Tons of details including temperament, skills & rider suitability
  • Interactive, intuitive pedigree charts show lineage and breeding

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Featured Classified Ads

€15,000 EUR
Black Premium Colt By Fürsten- Look
4 month old Colt
Radeburg, 13 DE
Black premium colt by Fürsten-Look/Sandro Hit
Stallion candidate and dressage aspirant with unlimited potenzial
€45,000 EUR
Dream Of Jackson
9 year old Mare
Radeburg, 13 DE
High quality dressage gelding and a school master
high quality dressage gelding or a lovely school master for beginner
€150,000 EUR
Winner Qualification German Horse Championship
8 year old Stallion
Radeburg/Germany, 13 DE
Super-talented Stallion with Grand Prix Potential
Ideal for Amateur and youth rider
$34.00 USD
Cinchemup- Fastest Cinch In The West!
Saddles & Accessories For Sale US
Cinchemup- Fastest cinch in the West!
Now you can tighten your cinch with one hand while standing or mounted.Young or old,tall or short,never get off again to adjust your cinch. Quick and easy to attach with rapid detach.Perfect for endurance,trail,or gaming.Make sure with Cinchemup!

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Advertise horses for sale, private treaty, lease, or stud. Create Ads for wanted horses, missing horses, or advertise a free horse to a good home.


Advertise any type of new or used horse trailer, stock trailer, or utility trailers including slant horse trailers and horse trailers with living quarters.

Real Estate

Advertise property, homes, or real estate suitable for horse owners which may include grazing/riding acreage, barns, horse stables, or arenas.


Advertise any type of new or used horse saddles for sale including Australian, English, or Western saddles or custom and specialty saddles.

Products and Tack

Advertise new or used equine products and horse tack for sale including horse supplies, equipment, accessories and barn and stable supplies.

Equine Services

Advertise your equine service or business including horse training, veterinarian, horse transportation, or horse farrier services.


Advertise any type of hay you have for sale (especially good quality horse hay) including hay sold in small square bales, round bales, or large square bales.

Equine Events

Advertise any type of horse related events or competitions including horse shows, horse races, trail rides, rodeos, clinics, or dressage events.

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We make it easy to find your dream horse, whether you're fulfilling your dream of owning a horse or building up your herd.
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