Classified Ad Section

Registered Missouri Foxtrotter Broodmare (WHW) has one of the most powerful, advanced, and state-of-the-art Equine Classified Ad systems on the internet allowing you to buy, sell, and advertise Horses, or Equine Services (e.g. Horse Vets, Horse Farriers, & Horse Trainers), Equine Products (e.g. Horse Tack, Horse Saddles, & Horse Trailers), and Equine Events (e.g. Horse Shows, Horse Events, & Horse Auctions). Our unique Classified Ad system enables you to design the appearance of your Ad to your liking, specify all aspects of your Horse or Equine Product, Service, or Event, and most importantly our powerful Quick Search and Advanced Search features will enable all WHW users to find your Ad quickly and easily. Unlike other Horse Websites that tie you to a long term Ad, restrict the content you can place in your Ad, or nickel and dime you charging extra for additional photos, at WikiHorseWorld you get all the extras and virtually unlimited text, photos, and videos all for one very low monthly price giving you the greatest value for your hard earned money. In addition, at WikiHorseWorld your Classified Ad can always be used for the entire period you've paid for, so for example if you sell your Horse the first week, you can use the remaining Ad time to advertise another Horse or any Equine Product, Service, or Event you choose.