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Ideal for Horse Registries and Breeders!

Easily Manage All Your Horse Pedigree Info and

Display Elegant Pedigree Charts & Details on Your Site!


Manage Horse Pedigree Info
Charts/Details On Your Site Boost Traffic and Revenue Photos, Videos & Slide Shows
 How It Works and Pricing


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Manage Horse Pedigree Info For All Your Registered Horses


Easily add or edit sires, dams and all progeny from the pedigree chart (left)


Create a complete pedigree chart for any horse in just a few minutes


Charts are Interactive! Just click on

a horse to view its pedigree chart


Click on progeny to move forward in time or click sires/dams to move back


Add unlimited photos, videos & details on the horse's detail page (see below)


Click on the Detail Tool to view horse details or the Edit Tool to edit details


Unlink & Re-Attach sires & dams from progeny, delete horses or add horses


Context sensitive help & detailed help


Links: Sample Pedigree Chart, Sample Details
           Pricing Info, 

Display Elegant Charts & Details For Horses On Your Website


Display elegant Pedigree Charts plus full details for horses on your Site


Pedigree detail page (right) can have unlimited photos, videos and details


You can customize the homepage for the Pedigree section of your website


Your users can search for horses and view detailed results (see below)


Pedigree Detail pages can include:

  • Complete details of the horse
  • Unlimited photos, videos & text
  • Unlimited rotating photo galleries
  • All awards, skills & achievements
  • All previous owners & breeders
  • Up to three sets of registry info
  • Sire, Dam and list of all Progeny

Links: Sample Pedigree Chart, Sample Details
           Pricing Info, 

Boost Website Traffic and Your Registry's Revenue & Membership


Draw more traffic to your website with detailed pedigree info for your horses


Ideal for horse registries, associations, horse breeders & stud/semen services


Help search engines find your website by adding loads of valuable horse info


Users see a list of your horses (left) & can then view pedigree charts/details


Horse registries & associations can:


 Show off all your registered horses

 Earn revenue by charging users to

     view pedigree charts & details

 Boost membership by providing a

     state of the art pedigree system

 Prevent fraudulent horse sales with

     our verifiable pedigree certificates


Links: Sample Pedigree Chart, Sample Details
           Pricing Info, 

Add Unlimited Photos, Videos, Slideshows & Details For Horses


Detail pages feature a powerful graphical editor (right) for more info


It's like using a word processor to design the Ultimate Detail Page


Add unlimited photos, videos and rotating photo galleries for horses


Upload photos & videos from your PC or add them from the web


We support YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, ImageShack & more


Add/format unlimited details, info & stats about horses including tables


Choose custom fonts, backgrounds, colors, and effects for detail pages


It's really easy so have fun & Try It!


Links: Sample Pedigree Chart, Sample Details
           Pricing Info, 

How Our  Pedigree Affiliate Program Works & How Much It Costs


Using our world class pedigree system is Easy! Get started in just a few days


We do all the technical work & initial set-up for you.....Free of Charge!


All you do is create a page on your

website and then copy/paste our code


You can assign many administrators and all work from home via the net


Add horses, manage pedigree info, or upload photos via your admin console


We provide free tech support and free daily backups so you never loose data


We can import all your horses for you


This very affordable pedigree system starts at just $10/month (get details)


Links: Sample Pedigree Chart, Sample Details
           Pricing Info, 






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