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3 year old Filly registered with Canadian Warmbld Horse Brd Association
2009 Warmblood Filly by Florian
Lovely big filly, last crop by the well known stallion Florian. Flamenko is an expressive & fun personality!

Racking Horse for Sale
$1,000.00 USD
2 year old Colt
Very elgent,gentle young colt
Sleek smart young colt. Halter broke and will already carry a saddle. Picks up all four feet and parks out when asked.

Oldenburg (Oldenburgh) Horse for Sale
$13,500.00 USD
Diamond Queen
10 year old Bredmare
Elegant broodmare from Diamond Hit/Rohdiamant
Very elegant broodmare with best gaits from the starshires Diamond Hit/Rohdiamant/Pik Bube pregnant by Dr. Jackson!!

Tennessee Walker Horse for Sale
$1,600.00 USD
14 year old Gelding
Very well broke walking horse gelding, r
Grant is a 13 yr. old Tennessee walker gelding about 15 hands high. Very smooth & naturaly gaited. Well broke. Riden by riders of all levels. Used for reinactments. Not spooky, super nice trail horse. If interested please call 540-336-5052 CAN DELIVER

Connemara Horse for Sale
£2,000.00 GBP
Cashleen April Breeze
Pure Bred Registered Connemara.
A Stunning 2 ½ year old filly to make 14hh+ With Superb showjumping bloodlines.

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Featured Horse Photo

Show Jumping
Show Jumping, or stadium jumping, is an equestrian event which is also known as "jumpers". It's a member of a family of English riding events that also includes dressage, eventing, hunters and equitation. Jumping classes are commonly seen at horse shows throughout the world, including the Olympics. Sometimes shows are limited exclusively to jumpers, sometimes jumper classes are offered in conjunction with other English-style events, and sometimes show jumping is but one division of very large, all-breed competitions that include a very wide variety of disciplines. Jumping classes may be governed by various national horse show sanctioning organizations, such as the United States Equestrian Federation in the USA. However, international competitions are governed by the rules of the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI).

Featured Horse Articles

The Tennessee Walker

Tennessee Walker on WikiHorseWorldThe Tennessee Walker, also known as a Tennessee Walking Horse, is a breed of riding horse. The breed was originally bred in the Southern United States to carry the owners of plantations around their property. This type of horse is known for its unique four-beat "running walk" or gait. The breed is rarely seen in any of the sport horse disciplines however they are very popular in trail riding because of their smooth gait, stamina and easy temper. In addition they are also seen in Western riding disciplines and in harness. (more...)


Thoroughbred Horse Racing

Horse Racing at WikiHorseWorld.comHorse racing is an equestrian sport that has been practiced over the centuries. Chariot races of Roman times are an early example. Thoroughbred Horse Racing is inextricably associated with gambling and has been called The Sport of Kings. Gambling on horse races is an activity that in 2008 generated a world-wide market worth around $115 billion USD. Horse racing in North America dates back to the establishment of a course named Newmarket in what is now known as the Hempstead Plains of Long Island, New York in 1665.(more...)

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WikiHorseWorld is a new breed of equine website offering horse lovers and equine enthusiasts an incredible array of free products and services all dedicated to our mutual passion; Horses! Browse our huge selection of free horse classifieds or interact with other horse lovers in our new state-of-the-art equine social network. Learn from others or share your equine knowledge using our free forums or our wiki horse encyclopedia. Show off your horse's ancestry using our advanced pedigree system or find great deals on all types of horse tack and supplies in our Tack Shop. WikiHorseWorld has been designed by and for horse lovers, so if horses are your hobby, your business, your pets, or simply your passion, you owe it to yourself and your horses to check out everything we have to offer.

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Find your dream horse browsing through our huge selection of free designer classifieds for horses, tack, and equine services & events. Selling your horse(s) and finding them a great home is easy using our powerful, elegant, and comprehensive classifieds. You can add unlimited photos, videos, & details using our "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editor or personalize your free horse ads to make them really Stand Out and Get Noticed! For registered horses, you can attach an elegant & interactive pedigree chart to your ad using our advanced horse pedigree system.

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Show off your horse's ancestry or research pedigree information using our state-of-the-art pedigree system featuring interactive pedigree charts and unlimited details for every horse. Our elegant pedigree charts allow you to click on ancestors or progeny (moving forward or backward in time) giving you complete flexibility to view the entire family tree of any horse. You can record virtually limitless details & stats for all horses including photos/videos, registry info, plus skills & awards using a "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editor.

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Be social and interact with other horse lovers in our new state-of-the-art horse community. We've upgraded our equine community to rival the features of other popular social websites such as Facebook, MySpace, & Twitter. Share videos, photos, or stories with friends, groups, or everyone. Automate login and keep in touch with friends on Facebook using Facebook Connect. Create photo albums and express yourself using a Horse Blog. Communicate with friends or equine enthusiasts around the world using email, chat, instant messages and our new video messenger.

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Find great deals on supplies, horse tack, and saddles in our incredible Tack Shop stocked with more than 50,000 unique and hard to find horse products. All our equine products are conveniently categorized making it simple to find exactly what you're looking for. Despook your horse with the help of training books, videos, & DVDs from leading trainers & horse whisperers such as Pat Parelli, John Lyons, and Clinton Anderson. Protect the safety of horse riders in your family with a huge selection of riding helmets, safety gear, riding boots and apparel.

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Research horse tack, diseases, or shows & events in our Wiki Horse Encyclopedia containing more than 10,000 rich, colorful, and informative articles. Work alone or with other experts and trainers to create or edit breathtaking equine articles using our exclusive Wiki Word Processor. Our enormous equine knowledge base is a great place to find articles about famous thoroughbred race horses, champion horses, and pedigreed horses. You'll find many high quality equine articles about popular horse breeds including Arabian horses, Quarter horses, and Paints.

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WikiHorseWorld's free horse forums are a great place to learn from other equine enthusiasts and professionals or to share your horse knowledge and know how. Use our "Forum Spy" to get a real time view of all the activity in our busy equine forums. Discuss equine topics such as riding, boarding, horse tack, or common horse problems with other members. In addition, our official pro horse trainer (Christy Mellington) frequents our forums and answers common horse training questions about behavior problems, ground work, trail riding, & foal training.

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