Reseller Panel SSL Certificates

News 08:11 November 2019:

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It is now possible to sell SSL certificates as what is referred to as standalone products. These are standalone products at your disposal on your store. They serve as the watch keepers of websites; hence, they certainly play a very vital role in reseller panel hosting business.

These play a very crucial role particularly now that Google has delineated SSLs as a conceivably robust website ranking factor, this does not merely apply to e-shops but it is also expected that subscription portals will be SSL-protected.

It is worth mentioning that SSLs nowadays are becoming emblem of security as well as trust and your clients could obtain them as standalone items from your web hosting shop. 

Why is it necessary to offer SSL certificates independently?

As SSLs are attaining impetus as must-have website features, owners of websites are becoming more ardent about getting one for each website they own.

Substantially, when a security-sensitive probability lands on your shop, they could now instantly be enticed on your service with superior quality SSL certificates at affordable costs.

By happy chance, this pave way for a whole new market aspect as far as your reseller panelbusiness is concerned, in contrary to the past, when SSLs were merely provided to current clients in the Control Panel.

How can your clients acquire an SSL from your store?

Similar with all the readily available items on your shop- domain names, Virtual Private Servers, dedicated servers, web hosting packages, semi-dedicated servers; the SSL certificates these days also come with dedicated page where clients could easily buy an SSL for their websites.

You may now easily notice that the current SSL certificates page come with ‘Order’ button that is added on the banner area located on the Store Master theme.

What other considerations that customers need to keep in mind with regards to SSL certificates?

In case your clients prefer to incorporate their SSL with a domain name, it is critical for them to execute this through referring to the domain search form. In the same way, the SSL certification order option shall be catalogued as a domain upgrade next to ‘Who is” protection service alternative.

The client will be able to choose the type of SSL and input what is termed as “Approver’s email.” It is imperative to note that the validity of the SSL period will be conformed to the domain name’s expiration period.

In this instance, the data required for the CSR request to be taken care of will be drawn out from the “Who is’ details that are linked with the chosen domain.

Virtually, the SSL upgrade option shall be ready for use on all the other types of service tabs found on the order form such as dedicated servers, domain names, semi-dedicated plans, virtual private servers as well as web hosting plans.

Should you wish to venture in a reseller hosting type of business, take into account that it is very essential for you to get yourself acquainted with various procedures and platforms that could help you succeed in this field.

Reseller Panel Reseller Hosting Theme

To learn more about reseller panel reseller hosting themes, keep in mind that there are various reseller hosting themes that are quite distinct from each other. In general, from the time they were launched, they expand steadily with the aid of avant-garde updates.

More than that, the themes are being activated on a daily basis. In other words, they commonly come pre-loaded with contents and they are capable of providing a higher intensity of customization.

Nevertheless, what truly makes them distinct from Store Master Template is the fact that they are not fully under the control of the reseller hosting provider. Note that every Store Master Template is situated on an exclusive server, maximized merely for them. This way, it provides opportunity to distribute improvements as well as updates urgently and effectively; all together to all Store Master Templates.

It matters to understand that WordPressreseller panel reseller hosting themes do not run in such a manner- these could be hosted and downloaded on any server on the globe.

Furthermore, once these have been downloaded, consumers could execute anything they prefer- they could easily modify the text, put or erase pages or rebuild the entire design.

Due to the fact that this is precisely how they are supposed to function, the resellers who are adopting them will be in control in terms of employing all GDPR-required alterations on their own. Notwithstanding, there are handy tips on this subject wherein the order form is fully covered.

Take into account that each WordPress theme-consolidated order form primarily functions as an add-on. What this conveys is that it isn’t literally hosted with the entire site. This enables users to make alterations and in order to boost them to all the shops without any concerns.

You will see on the order form that all the indispensable policies are linked. Please be guided that clients could not craft an account without directly complying with the implemented policies. Essentially, this will perform the complicated task for any would-be compliance aspirant.

Is it crucial to ensure that the privacy policy is discernible?

This one is a swift change to the menus. You need to add the Privacy Policy to any menu you prefer. There is no need to revise the text of the existing policy, since this is already dynamically provided by the reseller hosting provider.

Also, it matters to add a cookie notice. This is fundamentally reliant to the owner of the website themselves in order to allow their clients be aware that they will commence accumulating them. Basically, you can place a custom notice regarding the existence of cookies on your site. Alternatively, you may obtain a custom solution as well.


You may check out a few standalone services that could show a customizable alert regarding the cookie accumulation on your site. Meanwhile, a few WordPress plugins provide this functionality as well.

Do you manage what is so-called WordPress store-enclosed blog as well?

If you also run this, and if you enable comments, there is greater likelihood that you will be gathering personal formation.