Twitter likes a simpler and easier way to keep your audiences wanting for more

News 06:11 November 2019:

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The Twitter likes feature is not as new as most people make it seem.  This is a feature that has been in operation since October 2015.  It is an easy and effective platform to use and can be used literally by everyone.   The polls have a lifeline of up to about one week and allow the creator to give its audience up to about four questions to answer from their tweets.  This is a free service and comes with no cost issue.    The total votes are then given at the end of the period.  It allows users to seek opinion from other users regarding a product or a disturbing question.

Since its incept, it has gained a large number of following as it is easier to create and users find these open ended questions easier to answer as there are no long sentences required of them.   The good thing with participating in the polls is that Twitter normally works in the background and your information or details are normally not displayed.  The creator if the polls only get to see the percentage of the two teams at the end of the indicated period.  Interestingly the social media platform has no way of persuading users on who to vote for.

If you need answers to a particular question that is open ended, why pay for survey when you can opt for the easy to use and free Twitter likes feature?   There are more to polls as users never get to know. Polls in essence can be quite engaging and before you know it you will have created a large following.  The secret is don’t be too mean with your questions, be creative and keep your audiences wanting for more.  This is one great way to increase your following effortlessly.

By having interesting questions, you are creating two things namely audience and a following which ordinarily you might not have had.  Even though the answers are short they can still be quite engaging and interactive at the same time.  Take time to play with your audience’s psychology by not making it easier for them to know which answers to choose from the onset.  In keeping your followers engaged never forget one crucial matter, are the questions relevant.  Do they address the issue at hand, never divert from your original question by confusing your audiences.  Keep them simple, engaging and precise if you want to have a steady following.

Finally, the good thing with the Twitter likes is that it can be undertaken by anybody who is interested.  You will not spend endless amount of hours discussing questions and answers with a representative of a company. Surveys can be long and boring and that is the main reason why people always run away from surveys of any kind.  And the reason people shy more away from surveys is that they normally require you to give contacts.  The Twitter feature is done in the background and even the creator has no idea of the voting system and what is going on in the background.

Using Twitter Likes Tool to Stay Relevant on Twitter


Not everyone is gifted in crafting those tweets that go viral or those photographs that attracts loads of attention, however by using the ‘likes’ tool on twitter, you can maintain your account’s credibility, stay relevant and enjoy a bigger audience. Check out the strategies below that will set apart your twitter account from the rest.


Invest in increasing your twitter likes count


Popularity on twitter is all about numbers. If you really don’t have a good following then your brand will never enjoy the big audience that is availed by twitter. Small and mid-sized businesses find it challenging to attract a substantial following due to the high traffic experienced on twitter, which makes drowns their tweets hence denying them better visibility.


Several strategies can be used to increase the number of likes. This includes buying the twitter likes from a vendor. This works perfectly especially for newly established businesses that are not known or even veterans who want to move their social media marketing campaign a notch higher.

The purchased likes gives popularity impression which increases the chances of other twitter users getting interested in that particular account.


However, buying the likes alone cannot guarantee instant success. You need to combine other strategies such as Crafting content that will catch the attention of your target audience. Doan extensive research and understand what your target audience likes to see and hear.


Checking on the type of conversations that your competitors in the industry are having with their audience can give you a competing edge. This will inform you on what your audience is expecting from you. Hence, you get an opportunity to deliver to them according to their expectation, which will definitely earn you their loyalty.


Use the like tool to prompt other users to follow you

To gain the popularity that you want, you need to build your social network. You do this by following other twitter users. The list of people to follow should include some of your followers, influencers in that particular industry and some of the top businesses that relates with yours but are not in direct competition with you.


This will widen the scope of your reach. You will also get your hands on important first hand information probably from the influencers or an expert in the industry whom you are following. Such informative information will make your followers depend on you on credible news and any other trending thing in the industry.


In conclusion

When utilized effectively, the twitter like tool can help your brand establish its presence on twitter. As indicated earlier on, twitter prioritizes accounts based on the level of engagement that they are able attract. This means that if your posts can attract a substantial number of likes, then your account’s visibility will definitely be elevated.


Small and mid-sized businesses that don’t have much funds to spend on traditional marketing channels can benefit a lot from social media marketing. It’s both cost effective in that you don’t need to spend much to get your brand’s name out there and there is a readily available market.